Dragon Ball Super Movie 1: Broly Leaked Part 1 MOVIE

Dragon Ball Super Movie 1: Broly Leaked Part 1 MOVIE

The Saiyans were supposed to have been almost completely wiped out in the destruction of Planet Vegeta, so what’s this one doing on Earth? This encounter between the three Saiyans who have followed completely different destinies turns into a stupendous battle, with even Frieza  getting caught up in the mix.

Hints of Characters

There’s talk going around that we may be seeing two of the most popular characters in the Dragon Ball series, about Bardock and Gogeta. By now, you all probably know that Bardock is most likely going to be in the upcoming movie.

If you didn’t know, well let me tell you that the movie is also going to focus on some stuff from the past, especially the first 20 minutes of it. We will see Planet Vegeta once again, and so it is likely that we will see Bardock once again as well. Bardock isn’t the only one we may be seeing.

Goku’s mother, Gine, will also be appearing in the movie, in my opinion. Aside from those two, Gogeta is expected to return. Broly seems like a formidable foe, and if Goku and Vegeta cannot take him down, they will probably need to fuse to increase their power and then fight him again.

Another hint towards their appearance in the movie was dropped yesterday when it was confirmed that Bardock and Gogeta would both be on the big screen right before Dragon Ball Super: Broly.Jaco the Galactic Patrolman was adapted into part of this movie.

Dragon Ball Super Movie 1 Broly:

The biggest reveal in this trailer is probably be showing the glimpse of the back story they can tell of planet Vegeta and all of the three saiyans, and yes Vegeta confirmed do not be set back seat to Goku which was made very clear in this trailer the way they introduced the tree of them as equal but also how three of the main characters Goku, Vegeta and  Broly were born on the same planet each with very different fathers and their fates were intertwined since their births and the tragic result of Frieza’s actions which eventually bring them to their ultimate clash which is gonna be the meat of this Broly movie the trailer starts off with establishing that Frieza is in charge of the ruler of these saiyans and the king Vegeta saying that saiyans should follow Frieza order then we get a splash saying three sands born around the same time Vegeta was the genius baby Broly was the cast off baby and Goku was just regular old baby we then hear Paragus saying you’re gonna send my son Broly off to another planet.

dragon ball super movie 1

he will raise Broly into the ultimate warrior and get revenge i think we can expect atleast from what it seems like in this trailer that king Vegeta was the one behind the decision which makes Vegeta’s clash with Broly and Paragus that much more exciting to see whether the decision gonna be something than simply king Vegeta realizing  the Broly’s power was just too much to control remains to be seen but however its gonna turn you can expect this back story to bring tears to your eyes as the production staff themselves have confirmed that you probably be crying out in the first  20 – 30 minutes of film which is definitely when this origin story is gonna happen another interesting fact from the trailer is that now we get to see the dragon ball minus story its basically Goku’s origin specifically how Baradock and Gine  Goku’s parents sent Goku to earth in order to save from Frieza’s destruction which really changes many things because Goku’s  parents were doing it for  entirely different compared to the original story  told in Dragon ball z part of Goku which had Baradock sent Goku to earth in order to destroy the earth. And of course Frieza to starts off the chain of events that eventually leads of his own demise but Freeza is not the star of the show.

Now has to bear the consequences of their four bearers  Vegetas dad obviously had a role in messing up Broly’s  life and raising Vegeta into  an arrogant little monster Paragus deciding the best course of action waqs raising Broly was up for the purpose of revenge and Baradock will return for the Goku

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